Summer CSA Next Round ~ Starting September 2024


Summer CSA Round 2 ~  Starting February 16th 2024

Fortnightly CSA ~ February 16th 2024 to March 29th 2024

We are pleased to release our second round CSA for summer!

So… what is a CSA? Well, it stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and in a nutshell, its an opportunity to buy a ‘share’ of our flowers.

How does it work?

By becoming one our of CSA members, you buy a ‘share’ of flowers for the summer and/or autumn season. Each fortnight we will have a bountiful bunch of flowers ready for collection from the farm or Kyneton. Each week will be different depending on what is blooming on the farm that week – so think anything from mixed bouquets, to bunches of bright dahlias or  cosmos en masse. Each bunch is valued at $35 each.

The farm is located at 35 Leishmans Lane, Lyonville. Collection from 2PM
The Kyneton collection point is the Social Foundry, 86 Mollison St. Kyneton. Collection from 10AM



Can I gift a CSA share to someone else? Absolutely! Just make a note of it in the comments, with the recipient’s contact details, and we will pass along all the relevant info to them.

What are the pick-up dates and times? Once an order is made, we will send an email with the exact dates for your CSA. If you are unable to make it to a particular pick-up day, we advise you to either ‘gift’ the flowers that week, and have someone come in your stead. If collecting from Kyneton, they will be available from 10AM onwards. If collecting from the farm, bunches will be available from 2PM. If those times don’t fit with your schedule (or if things come up and you can’t make it on a particular week) just send us an email and we are happy to make alternate arrangements.

How do I keep my flowers fresh? On the first Friday, we will provide you with your first bunch of flowers, as well as a flower bucket to take home with you. This can then be used each time you come to collect your bunch. Once they get home, keep them away from direct light and any heat sources, and change the water every few days to keep them happy.

Can I choose which flowers I receive? Your flowers will be a true representation of what is blooming that week on the farm, and will show the progression of seasonality through the summer, so unfortunately, we are unable to take specific requests.

How long should I expect my flowers to last? It is important to note that every flower has a different vase life, but we endeavour to provide the freshest blooms that have been conditioned, and should last at least 3-5 days, if not 1-2 weeks.

If you did have any further questions that are not answered above, please send us an email – [email protected]

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