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We are immensely proud that when you buy our flowers, you will see beautiful little beneficial insects such as ladybirds crawling among the petals! We understand that our flowers are a vital part of the circle of life and we always leave a percentage of flowers for the birds, bees, and other insects. It is hard work looking after our crops organically, but we take a lot of satisfaction when our customers comment on how they feel their children are ‘safe’ running through our flower patch and handling our blooms, and that our flowers can happily sit on your kitchen table without being chemical-laden.

Our flowers are harvested during the cooler parts of the day and are stored in our coolroom to ensure that our flowers are as fresh as possible, smell absolutely divine, and will last over a week in a vase if taken care of. We thank you because buying our flowers means that you are directly supporting our family-run flower farm.


A La Carte Wedding Packages and DIY Flower Buckets

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming! There are so many things to think about, especially if you’re on a budget and want something eco-friendly. We want to make the flower part of your big event as easy as possible for you. If you value the beauty and sustainability of seasonal, local flowers, then our blooms are perfect for your wedding!

Coburg Farmer’s Market
1st Saturday of the month
Carlton Farmer’s Market
2nd Saturday of the month
Gasworks Farmer’s Market
3rd Saturday of the month
Alphington Farmer’s Market
4th Sunday of the month
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  • Country Grocers IGA, Trentham
  • Blake Family Grocers, Daylesford
  • Manteau Noir, Daylesford
  • Woodend General

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